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2020 Vent & Rant Thread

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32 minutes ago, Itachi_is_the_goat said:

I'm so ****** this week and I thought I might catch a break for once on TNF but nope. That last Boyd drive ****** me

Lol. Just relax a little bit. What did he get on that drive? 12 points or so? Not going to sink your week. Take a breath and make some good limeup choices this week, I doubt you're buried unless you started a bunch of duds tonight.

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Me going up against Kamara and Thielen watching the last minutes:    

Check this lost this weekend. .. I needed 3.83 from Singletary . got 3.80    110.92 vs. Compare Managers

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6 hours ago, MagikarpeDiem said:

Came here to vent about having Golladay, AJ Brown, and Conner on the same team but it looks like everyone here is in the exact same boat.  

You guys want to start a support group or something?


Need one for golladay and godwin getting thrown into a concussion. We have made complaints about preseason injuries but the amount of injuries in two weeks without preseason is insane and it's never the backups lol

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Changed both of the leagues I commission from 3 WR to 2 WR 1 FLEX. In one I kept AJ Brown and drafted Golladay with my first pick. In the other, I kept no WRs and drafted Golladay with my first pick. It's going super well.

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On 9/17/2020 at 12:28 PM, Gamecubesupreme said:

Proud owner of Godwin and Golladay, who were supposed to carry my WR this year.



😉 I've been feeling pretty smug, since they were my WR1/2 last year.

Not that smug though, because of course I got Golladay in my snake this year...

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1 hour ago, jgardner12 said:

People who send complete trash opening offers suck. Like I get not sending the best offer first, but got offered Gallup and hurst for Julio.


And I have Dallas Goedert and TJ Hockenson, so yaaaa...


That bugs me. Not so much the complete trash offer, but the fact that they've not taken the time to look at your roster before making the offer. Like you suggest, for a team with Blake Jarwin as their one TE that trade at least has a tiny bit of merit. Sort of. But at least have the courtesy to try and make my team better.

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9 hours ago, Ticklefight said:

10 team with one keeper. Kept sanders with the 6th, most top backs were keepers. Thomas at 1.03, Godwin 2.08, Kittle 3.03, Ingram, Mostert. I was happy for draft night.

Kittle going in the third (33 ) is surprising since he is usually picked under 20 ADP 18 

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