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2020 Vent & Rant Thread

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Me going up against Kamara and Thielen watching the last minutes:    

Check this lost this weekend. .. I needed 3.83 from Singletary . got 3.80    110.92 vs. Compare Managers

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1 minute ago, GeorgeCostanza said:

Mike Williams is a bum


I’m not even in the playoffs but still... dude is a waste of talent


His best play today was on defense 😆

He was my last hope at getting a win...only needed a few more points but he decided to completely suck. Would have won if I kept Agholor in my flex, but fell for the trap once Keenan was ruled out 😡

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Thought I still had a chance after stupidly sitting Jeff Wilson. Instead, NONE of my players even match their projection (Ekeler, Tyreek, Ridley, Metcalf, Kittle). Now have face Henry, Diggs, and his kicker with my Josh Allen and a 19 point lead. Not feeling good about it. If I hadn't subbed out Wilson, probably would've easily won. Think I'm gonna take a year or two away from fantasy. It has not been good for my mental health and stress. 

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3 hours ago, GoPackGo23 said:

Deshaun Watson

Derrick Henry

Aaron Jones

James Robinson

Davante Adams

Stefon Diggs

Calvin Ridley

....this lineup (10 team league) won me zero dollars this year. How the ***k does this happen? Back to back losses and got beat by a team that I scored over 400 more points on in the season...FOUR HUNDRED. Well, that makes my record 1-9 in the semi finals in my two leagues combined the past 6 years. Starting to lose motivation when every year I feel like I have a zero percent chance of winning no matter how good my teams are.


i'm in the same boat. Year after year I will have the most points scored, and then some crappy players go off on me in the playoffs

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Putting this in the Vent and Rant thread in advance. Up by 9.08 with my Josh Allen vs. his Diggs and Buffalo kicker. Made poor bench decisions that could've clinched it for me already. Instead I'll have to sweat it out tomorrow night. 

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