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ESPN 10-12 team PPR Snake draft 50$

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1 minute ago, JohnBG said:

Any idea on draft time? Wasn’t showing on ESPN. Also, how are players that played in Thursday’s games handled? Excuse me if this has been answered. 

Draft is gonna be at 8pm est just waiting for league to fill to set it up in league. And Thursday games points will be implemented into the matchup 

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1 hour ago, scottreynolds said:

Scott Reynolds has made a payment to GOAT league 2020 .

If you would like to stop receiving payment notification emails from GOAT league 2020 :


I need the link, please

I just checked all of the forums I posted the league in. Not once have I y your email to send you a league inv. You joined leaguesafe on your own and paid w.o being in the league. Now you’re causing a hassle because you didn’t follow directions when I said “if interested drop your emails below.” Literally everybody gave me their emails except you. NEVER PAY BEFORE JOINING LEAGUE. 

You will be refunded. 

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