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The Most Mislabeled Fantasy Players of 2020

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This is not in any order:

1) OBJ is a low-end WR3....not a high-end WR2.

2) Juju SS is a high-end WR4....not a WR1.

3) Stefon Diggs is a high-end WR2...not a WR3.

4) John Brown is a high-end WR3...not a WR4/5.

5) Nyheim Hines is an every-week must-start RB2 in PPR....not some Bench stash RB5.

6) Leonard Fournette is a RB6 in PPR who is not startable, hell, not even rosterable...not a RB2. Drop him asap and don't look back.

7) Josh Allen is a Top 3 overall QB with clear Overall QB1 upside...not a middling QB1 in the QB7-10 range.

8. Austin Ekeler is a low-end RB2...not an RB1. Ekeler is purely a creation of Philip Rivers (See #5).

9) Jared Cook is an every-week set-and-forget TE1...not some borderline TE1/2 who is interchangeable with the Noah Fants, Mike Giseckis, and Austin Hoopers of the world.

10) Robert Woods is a rock solid WR1...not a WR2.

11) Jamison Crowder is a high-end WR3...not a WR4/5.


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Yeah I'm going to take what you say with a grain, nay, a pound of salt.

Is this the new logout button?

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I actually agree with a few of these.  

Here's another NFL player mislabeled by the fantasy football community:

Le'Veon Bell, rock solid RB2 in ppr leagues.

Actual title should be "bench stash/trade throw in due to quickly dissipating name value."

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