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King Henry's Titans @ Denver Broncos 9/14/20 GameDay Thread

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Just now, lolcopter said:

This game sucks. Why is this MNF week one. It should have been buried in the morning games on Sunday.


Are you saying that the Browns-Bengals game isnt an elite matchup either and good enough to carry TNF?



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Mediciation commercials are all the same and they're all so ******** weird.

Old people riding around on horses and doing physical activities in nature looking like the happiest people in the world while the narrator talks about side effects of raging diarrhea, chronic headaches, potential death, and whatever the hell else.

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3 minutes ago, DezedandConfused said:



Come watch Akili Smith vs Tim Couch!  1st rounders! 1st game of the week!  THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! 

I think we were blessed it didn't exist then.

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1 minute ago, PlayTheWaivers said:

Also anyone notice AJ brown is like never asked to block as if he’s not out there odds are Henry’s running lol- this is becoming obvious

Just noticed this too.  He's not on the field when they run.

Corey Davis seems to be getting a lot of the crossing routes that AJ is supposed to take to the house.

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