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Trading Lamar for CMac

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10 team PPR, 6 pts all TDS

How do i make this trade less likely to be vetoed but still a win for me?


I get CMac, Brady and JAllen

I give Lamar, Dobbins, and ??? 


other owner really wants to make trade for LJax and offered the above with Ingram.  It was vetoed.

my roster:

QB: LJax
RB: Barkley, Chubb, Ingram, Dobbins, Mattison, Henderson, Coleman
WR: Ridley, Metcalf, Beckham, Sanders, Lazard, Mike Williams

TE: Engram, Henry


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Yeah it should take a lot to actually veto. I could see a CMC straight up for Lamar....I wouldn’t do it but it shouldn’t get veto’d. People will be hating that you have cmc and Barkley but still not a reason to veto. Try selling low on Chubb?  Maybe Lamar/Chubb/Ridley for CMC, Brady or Allen, and a WR2 that didn’t produce well in week one. 

Check out mine


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