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Dump Zack Moss for Hines or Snell?

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Can't decide if I hold on to him and see how he plays out.  With Singletary and Josh Allen running all over the place, his outlook seems a little bleak right now.  I'm in a PPR so Hines might be a decent add.  I worry about Snell sharing with the rest of the bench.  And that's if Conner is actually hurt.  My other RBs are Edwards-Hellaire, Mixon, and D Montgomery.  Thoughts?


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You've already got enough people saying keep Moss, but i'll still add to that -- keep Moss.

Dont know yet how bad Conner's injury could, it might linger it might not. Hines is harder but he's not going to take the main job from Taylor. Moss has a better chance of taking that from Singletary.

Also I challenge that Singletary is "running all over the place". He got less than 10 carries week 1. Passing game was way better. If he gets 7 targets consistently that's awesome in PPR

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