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Add Gaskin?


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12 Team Dynasty 1pt ppr. Drop Hurst or Mattison(if Cook owner won’t trade with me) for Gaskin? I could use some depth at RB. Thoughts? Leave a link

QB: Dak

WR: Adams, Cooper, Keenan Allen

RB: Carson, Ekeler, J. Rob

TE: Hockenson

BN: Sutton, Ruggs, Shenault, Stafford, Mattison, Hurst

K: Lutz

😧 Balt

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You could definitely use some RB depth, but I wouldn't drop Mattison. He got plenty of touches and was very efficient. If Cook goes down, he's a RB1 ROS. Miami's backfield is a total roulette. 

As for Hurst, I'd keep him. He had a slow start and Hock looked good, but I don't trust him to stay consistent. 

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32 minutes ago, DoYourJob said:

I'm higher than most on Gaskin but his situation right now is far from ideal, splitting time with Howard and Breida. I'd say hold both Hurst and Mattison. If either of the two Dolphins RBs gets hurt though, get Gaskin right away.


Thanks for my post

Jordan Howard injured his hamstring in Sunday's game but it's not known how serious it is and whether he'll miss time.  I added Gaskin in a couple of deep leagues and if Howard misses time, he could be worth an add in 10 and 12 teamers.

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