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Interesting Trade Offer... thoughts?


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12 team league, largely standard scoring.

I received this offer:

Give: Benny Snell

Get: Michael Gallup, Russell Gage

On the surface, I think most people would say its an easy accept.

However, I already think I'm in decent shape at WR, and my RBs are hot garbage:

Start: QB, 3 WRs, 2 RBs, TE, 3 W/R/T spots

RBs: Dobbins, Howard, White, Lindsay (now hurt), Edmonds, Snell

WRs: Thielen, Beckham, Woods, Hollywood Brown, Campbell, MVS

The only reservation about the trade is that I think Conner will miss a few weeks, and I think Pittsburgh LOVES Snell and that he is in for a much bigger workload in the short term and will likely be in a 50/50 split with Conner when he returns. I'm so weak at RB already.

That being said, Gallup would slide in as probably a 4th or 5th receiver for me, and I can start as many as 6 in a given week. Gage is mostly a throw in, though I guess he would have large value with a Ridley/Julio injury.

Thoughts on the deal?

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my first reaction was also "instant accept"

But looking at your roster I think you're right -- your RBs blow. I'd say keep Snell, let him roll for a couple weeks, keep a close on Conner's situation, then try to sell Snell high before Conner's back (but not too close to when Conner comes back, because everyone in fantasy will be aware of Conner coming back)

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