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9-17-20 Bengals @ Browns TNF Thread

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1 minute ago, pastorofmuppets2 said:


i boight this up last week during CEH's goal line follies ... i had Chubb last year, and, gotta tell ya, he was stuffed on the stripe quite often  

The CEH Bros get all pissy when that's brought up. It's always the O-Line's fault or Mahomes' fault. Give me a break.

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Just now, oliminator123 said:

Burrow continues to have 0 pocket awareness. Same story as last week. I get the offensive line is bad, but move you clueless bastard. 

Idk what you've been watching but  Burrow has shown very good pocket awareness. He cant be perfect everytime the line lets the defense just waltz into the backfield

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3 minutes ago, nonstopfan said:

Going for it. I didnt like the play calls on goalline either. 1st down should've been play action. I cant believe I agree with Aikman.

Play calling, I agree. Definitely like going for it at the goal line. That's almost always the right call. 

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