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I messed up on QB. Give Hines for Stafford?

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14 team PPR.  I was greedy on the waiver wire and dropped Tannahill for some waiver wire goodness and my league mates sucked up all the QBS.  Only ones left are Haskins, Fitzpatrick, and Lock 

Here is my team

QB: Tyrod Taylor

RB: E. Elliot, K. Hunt, N. Hines D. Swift, T Pollard, B Snell

WR: Mike Evans, A Robinson,, D. Samuel, Preston Williams, L, Shenault

TE: T. Higbee and L. Thomas

Stafford for Hines?  is that too much to pay or i don't have a choice cause Tyrod sucks?  Every other idiot wants a fortune for their backup qbs and some of my friends have 3 or even 4 qb (a holes are messing with me we are a bunch a jerks)

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Probably your best bet would be Haskins out the three given the matchup. He's gonna have to throw a ton. Fitz will probably throw a ton of interceptions against the bills def. Lock is playing against PIT, not ideal either... 


Hines is too valuable for Stafford. Maybe use a trade value chart to see how much Stafford is worth at the moment?

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7 minutes ago, Richc00 said:

Do not trade that, Hines will command a lot of value in the ekelar role for rivers.  Grab Lock for upside and weather the storm til those chumps have to drop QBs to fill their needs.  Every QB they hold it a quality player on the WW.

Pretty much this. Ride with Tyrod this week at least.


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