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Veto or No? Juju/Cohen for MT/Mattison

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I had this trade go down in my league this morning and I'm the commish. On the surface it looks vetoable, but I have some reasons for why I haven't vetoed yet. Let me know if you think they are reasonable enough to not veto, because I don't like doing so.

1. Juju is likely the only viable keeper with a 7th round value in this trade, we keep 3.

2. Thomas owner currently has Sutton, Thomas, and Deebo injured. Tyler Boyd, Curtis Samuel, and Cole Beasley are only other options, he started Boyd this week. We start 2 receivers, but also have 2 FLEX.


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I would never accept this trade offer if I were either of these owners, however, I don't think this is vetoable unfortunately.

Some people just value players differently than other people. It's weird, but OK. MT had damn near 200 targets last year and unless his injury lingers a long time he's going to get 175+ again probably. You just can't find that value anywhere else.

And the other pieces in the trade aren't terrible. Cohen's find, no stud, but fine. Mattison has extreme upside behind an injury-potential Dalvin Cook.

Do mine?


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