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Trade Help Please. Half PPR. WHIR.

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12 team half PPR

I was offered Amari Cooper and Big Ben for Kenyon Drake. Cooper and Big Ben should help my squad.

Here is my roster breakdown showing starting slots and bench. Do i accept and WHIR!

Start 1 QB: Trubisky

Start 2 RB: Zeke, Dalvin Cook

Start 3 WR: DJ Moore, Parris Campbell, Preston Williams

Start 1 TE: Chris Herndon

Start 1 RB/WR/TE: Kenyon Drake

BN: JK Dobbins, Pollard, Anthony Miller, Scotty Miler, Jonhu Smith

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2 minutes ago, Black_Panther said:

I personally would keep the rb depth but definitely can make a case to do it.

But your starting te should be Jonnu especially this week with AJB out and facing the young Jaguars 


Yea I'm likely going with Jonhu. I asked the owner if he was attached to Hayden Hurst to see if he would add him.


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8 minutes ago, BaBaBooey said:

Damn that’s close. How is there nobody better on the waiver wire at QB in a 12 teamer? I’m hesitant to give up the RB depth but that is very very close. I wouldn’t blame you for taking it



QBs available are Minshew, Tannehill, Burrow, Rivers, Garrapolo

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This is a tough one for me as I see the upside but I am a huge fan of depth at my RB position definitely.  Personally I think I'd stay put but if you did do it definitely have Hurst added in the deal.  I like him better then Herndon, who I was a fan of all last season and this season but I honestly don't want any Jets lol imo



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I’m not big on big been so far and I know some of his line was injured.  However, I also know the cowboys defense is losing corners to injury so I can see a a lot of throws coming coopers way.  I would probably stay pat and hope I can waiver wire QBs but that plan can fail. 



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Post trade my RB's would be: Dalvin Cook, Zeke, JK Dobbins, and Pollard. 

We start 2.

I could continue negotiating and see if they would add a RB on his end such as Tarik Cohen or James Robinson. 

Maybe his Amari Cooper, Hurst(his bench), Big Ben(his bench), and James Robinson for my Kenyon Drake, Johnu Smith, and Anthony Miller?

He already agreed to trade me Cooper, Ben, and Hurst for Drake. So the only addition would be Robinson on his end then 2 players from me. 

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