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Please fire Patricia.

The Falcons were still winning when this thread was made.

Quinn has made the list.

Dan Quinn--

Holy HANNAH they have lost some head-scratchers.

Adam Gase--

Skill position player killer.  Darnold ruiner.

Matt Patricia--

Falcons NFC North version.  

Anthony Lynn--

Stubbornly wants to stick with Tyrod.  Just lost to the Carolina Panthers.

Mike Zimmer--

Coaching like it is 1985.  0-3 is not going to get it done.

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Zac Taylor--

Was hired despite having achieved only modest success as a quarterbacks coach and the shortest of stints as offensive coordinator in 2015.

This is a results-based business.  The man is now 2-16-1 lifetime.

Only wins?  Against the Jets and Browns.  Sheesh.

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On 9/28/2020 at 4:28 PM, AnonymousRob said:



Your prayers may be getting answered.

Your prayers will not be answered as there is apparently no God. Or Gase still has the incriminating photos of the owners.



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1 minute ago, SamPayton said:


Agreed. The team's franchise quarterback was 3-0 this year. But he still benched him. First game with the backup is their first loss of the season. Should be fired for ruining the perfection that was Trubisky this season.

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Not a ton of in-season candidates. 

Gase and Quinn have such unjustifiable job security.  Gase, I have no idea why.  He is terrible.  Quinn it's because Shanny took him to (then lost) the Superbowl a few years ago, and Blank is far too nice a guy.  Both should be gone already, but they exist so we can't have nice things. 

I think Patricia is ok if they can manage to be competitive most games, and win one out of every three.  But if he faces open revolt, or they lose 6 in a row, who knows.

O'Brien has pretty much assigned himself every role in Houston's organization, so he'll be a tough out.  As it's going, he probably isn't back next year though.

Marrone in Jax is probably fine.  They'll overachiever this year, if not by much.

Nagy would have to lose the next 10 to get fired, but maybe if the GM needs to save his own hide.

Fangio is a tough read.  Not sure if the injury to Lock buys him time, or just makes his job that much harder.

Ultimately, I think Quinn gets fired at the bye.  

Wildcard: McCarthy is in trouble.  They love Kellen Moore, and the offense isn't the problem.  It's not like Jerry hasn't fired a retread for his beloved OC before - that's how Garrett got the job from Wade Phillips.  The division is terrible, so time is a ticking...

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Just now, TeeGee60 said:

Please let gase be next

Gase is eternal. If they were going to fire him because he sucks they probably wouldn't have hired him in the first place. I'm not sure the upper management there has the ability to connect those dots.

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