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Starting Week 8

Buyin: $50 per entry

Pick a team each week to win its scheduled game, can't re-pick that same team.

Last man standing gets the pot. Week 16 and 17 must pick two teams. Looking to get around 20 entries.

Email for info tomjwarner6@gmail.com


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This is a scam!


They are creating leagues taking your money & then deleting the league running off with the money.

Tom Warner & Craig Laromy


I knew about Warner from RotoWorld board but now Craig is the pitch man.

Beware they got my $150 bucks & then deleted the league & disappear.


The league which you're trying to access doesn't exist.
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They he is stealing from people on here avoid all of these:


On this site they go by: Use the names of (Tom Warner, Craig Laromy, John Porter) All the same BS







On the Huddle.com go by:



Footballguys.com go by:



These are the e-mails they or he uses:






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If you want a LEGIT Survivor League, come check mine out.  I've been doing this for 13 years, I'm in 22 States, 8 Provinces and in the UK.  Info is below if you're interested.  I'll send you payment info from the email below.


Secondary Survivor Pool for all the people who are either out of their pools, fantasy teams sucks or just need a fresh start.  Just go to www.officefootballpools.com to register and enter the league ID and passcode below.  

Pool ID Number: 119552
Pool Entry Code: season2

It's $50 Canadian per entry and put in as many as you like.  The BYE option is available right away.  Payment is due by kickoff on Sunday... send me an email for info payments.  Any questions, send me a shout at survivorpoolcommish@hotmail.com  The pot will be over 4K!!!


Good Luck... Oren

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