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9/20/20 SNF: New England Patriots @ Seattle Seahawks Game Day Thread

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Keep telling us how thick and big Newton is Collinsworth and we don't realize it until he walks in the room.

Just now, CooL said:

What an ending.  But when you come out with the power formation, even an 80 year old grandmother would know it's going to Cam.

I'm kind of regretting not backing up Mahomes with Cam...

I did!


 But lost Barkley and Mostert so my season is done already

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Just now, yossarian said:

oof. i hate that play call. roll him out. then he can pass or run it in. 

That's what I was thinking. A roll out run pass option. Something along those lines but hey that same play worked earlier in the game on the goal line but not on that last play. 

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1 minute ago, WaiverLooter said:

Last play was a bit too predictable in my opinion. But they used their best play on the Newton Fullback pass previously.

I'm telling yall



(Though adams still might have blown it up - he got in there quick... because he and everyone else knew exactly what was coming)

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