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Younghoe Koo 2020 Outlook

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Thank goodness I have my QB1 Koo to offset my kicker Rodgers

I'd rather lose with the Koo then win without him.

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2 hours ago, throwaway9614 said:

Against teams he is ranked 24th- 32nd against, he has scored poorly. TB is ranked 27th



Men and women lie, numbers don't

Lol what kind of a seat is this?? “Teams” plural??

He had played 1 such game all season, and sure, he only scored 2 points. Congrats, that means nothing. 

He’s a stud, he can hit from 50+ with ease, o/u for the game is one of the highest in the league this week ad 51.5, and Ryan will stall in the red zone as always. 

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Expecting RB1 numbers from him this week. For real though, I'm not going to overthink this one, just be happy you have him and let him carry you to the promise land. The last time I doubted him because I thought weather would be a factor, I benched him and he scored 17 points. One of the things I learned over the years is it's easy to overanalyze kickers and their matchups/projections, when in reality it's the hardest position to predict. Unless they're playing in a hurricane, just ride it out and hope they deliver.

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6 hours ago, UVA_Drew said:

 and Ryan will stall in the red zone as always. 


... flipside to that is Radio Raheem has zero effs to give, and may start to chuck all convention by going for it on 4th downs once the Yucs start pulling away ... hell, we may not even get XPs if that foo' starts following suit of the above monkey shines by going for 2 if/when the Falcons do score. 



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Koo should still be a top 10 option but no Julio obviously hampers their ability to move the ball downfield, and Tampa has a strong front 7 that will cause Ryan issues. On my teams I’m favoring guys like Tucker, Bass, and even Carlson on one over him. 


Brady can also start clicking at any time and against that porous secondary Atlanta has great odds of finding themselves in catch up mode quickly. This Young Hoe is Koo and all, but I think Atlanta may finally sink so low this game that it hampers even the great Young Hoe. 

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