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Star Wars and Lord of the Rings Inspired 24 Team Brand New Dynasty - 1 Space Left

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Are you a bit of a nerd? Love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or even both? Are you also looking for a brand new league to dominate? Then join the Intergalactic Hockey League, a brand new Dynasty which has spent weeks getting the right group of people in to make this the best dynasty out there.

I'm a very active fantasy hockey manager, more so fantasy hockey commissioner. I'm on the lookout for 1 more manager who are interested in a Lord of the Rings and Star Wars-inspired league, which will be called the Intergalactic Hockey League. The league will be a full Dynasty with 24 managers, so very deep, while some rules are to be changed and can be discussed, I'm planning to base it around my already active and successful leagues.


  • Fantrax and Discord (a must)

  • $20USD (16 entry, 4 fantrax premium fees - note this is subject to increase to a max of $25)

  • A big minor system of 20-30 minors (tbd)

  • None salary cap

  • Dynasty (Keep all)

  • 4 divisions (2 Conferences - Star Wars/LOTR)

  • Playoffs: division winners automatically in, 8 teams (4 from each conference) go into PLAYINS, winners go through to playoffs ($).

  • H2H Points (weekly) daily lineup changes

  • Rulebook can be found HERE. Please note this hasn't been updated to reflect this new league yet and is simply a copy of one of my other leagues - rules will be discussed through all members, though this is a rough basis to go off.

  • Draft Order will be decided on TWITCH (live) through THREE separate drafts (Inaugural, Prospect Draft, 2020 Prospect Draft) - you will be guaranteed a top 8 pick in one of them.

So what are you waiting for? Release your inner-nerd and join the Intergalactic Hockey League today! Please answer the following questions and either email me at johnthegm2019@gmail.com or message me on here, please post on this post when you've done either so I check your messages!

I have a whole host of logos for teams from LOTR and Star Wars which should be your team name (see list below to choose from) HOWEVER, you may not choose a team name until we are full, when we will figure out which conference you'd prefer to be in. If we have more people wanting a specific side, then we will do a draw to see who gets what conference. After that, it'll be first come first serve - so if you're the first to join and you get your league of choice, you'll get the first choice of team.


note: I would accept your own team names if they are in line with the names we have, a proper logo must be created though.

When applying, please answer the following questions:

  • How long have you been doing Fantasy Sports (specifically Hockey)

  • Have you ever done a Dynasty League before?

  • Have you ever quit a league, if so, why?

  • Are you comfortable paying a max of $30 (25+fees) this season will be a max of $24

  • Are you ok using Discord and Fantrax?

  • On average, how many times do you post in Discord/Chat functions or make trade offers per week?

  • Tell me why you'd be a good fit, are you a fan of SW/LOTR?

Apologies for the bunch of questions, but I want the perfect group for anyone who joins

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