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which 2 SP's to activate?


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Which 2 of the following would you activate in an AL only roto league with weekly lineups:

1. Jon Garland (ANA) vs Seattle (Washburn) and @ TB (Sonnanstine)

2. Garrett Olson (BAL) @ Cleveland (Sowers) and @ Detroit (Miner)

3. Gil Meche (KC) @ NY (Pettite)

IMO Meche is the best pitcher of the three, but I loves me some 2-start pitchers. Garland plays for a great team and has had really good outings this year. I'm thinking Olson is the odd man (rookie) out?

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Thanks for the reply, but what to the White Sox have to do with it?

Haha...seriously. Does this dude live in a cave? I'm sure it was an honest mistake, actually...it's just funny.

I would go Garland and Meche. Keep in mind too that the Yankees SP has been bad and is full of holes (although he'll likely go opposite Pettite) and the Royals have been hitting the ball pretty well lately. Those 2 matchups for Olson scare me...



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