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TNF Jaguars vs. Dolphins

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2 minutes ago, NBatum88 said:

So did anyone else here start Cole or am I the only idiot on this forum?

i did, once i found out chark was out. in a 3 WR + a million flexes league and WR is thiiiiin. 

Man Robinson looks good. he's getting targets in the passing game. i'm telling you guys--he might be game script proof. 

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6 minutes ago, UVA_Drew said:

I guess we just hope for a bunch of check downs and dump offs to JRob at this point. 

Might as well. The WRs have been worthless, and Chris Thompson is washed up. 

Feed the man!!


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1 minute ago, Gohawks said:

Minshew you bum.

Gotta keep the same energy...



If would have just put a little less air on that ball, insta long TD....but Conley would have dropped it anyway.

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43 minutes ago, PlayTheWaivers said:

Me too dude. But it's a tale of two halves. Let's see...shoulda listened to the people fading Minshew in his thread losing his center and Chark's a big deal

Yeah I was a little worried about it, but didn't think it would be anything like this collapse. 

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