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TNF Jaguars vs. Dolphins

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1 minute ago, JoeJoe88 said:

So the Shenault thread should be fun. 


meh, no regrets ... started him at flex over the dried magick foosball husk of one Todd Gurley - Chark out sealed it - as my ol' buddy Slats from Belmont used to say: "ya pays ya money, ya takes ya chances"

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1 minute ago, Tenner said:

Never again TNF. 

Meet my soon to be 0-3 team 





Amari Cooper



John Brown

Matt Ryan



Why are you posting such a crap team? I mean no wonder you're 0-3, you let your blind grandmother's draft for you!

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20 minutes ago, cs3 said:

He keeps getting better each week? Wtf is that even supposed to mean? It's literally been only two times that hes had a game to even show any improvement after playing the previous week!

It means exactly that.  Each time he has suited up he has performed better.  He is getting a feel for the NFL game.  He has not even scratched the surface of what he can become.  I thought it was an easy statement to comprehend.

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13 minutes ago, cashvillesent said:

Ramsey, Yannick and Fournette were locker room cancers. Straight aids.

Would they still be cancer on a much more successful team with more talent around them, though?  Winning changes a lot of things.

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