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If you really need QB help Cam is obviously a better option than Wentz and he plays in an offense where it's clear they're going to use him in runs. It also helps that he's playing with a chip on his shoulders in a prove it year.


With that said Gallup isn't someone I like at all. He's struggled this far, even after the Cowboys offense went off last week. Speaking of the Cowboys they look pretty overrated this year. They barely squeaked out a miracle win against a still winless Falcons team, after the Falcons choked away the game with a below average defense. I don't expect the Cowboys to have games like this every week.


Drake on the other hand is a clear starting RB on a great offense. He's not always going to put up crazy numbers, but he has a solid floor. RBs are harder to find than other positions, so in a vacuum, I'd definitely lean towards Wentz/Drake, but if you're super desperate for QB play, Cam and Gallup aren't a terrible option, but if you go that route I suggest you then look to drop Gallup for a WR with higher upside, who may not be putting up the best numbers yet.


Personally though I'd go with Wentz/Drake and then just try to stream QBs depending on who's available. 



As for my help I need to start 2 WRs, 2 RBs, and 1 flex. It's an 8 team PPR league, so I have lots of good options. That's my problem.


RBs: CEH at Bal, Nick Chubbs vs. WSH, Kareem Hunt vs. WSH, and Jonathan Taylor vs. NYJ


WRs: Allen Robinson II at ATL, Stefon Diggs vs. LAR, Adam Thielen vs. TEN, and Diontay Johnson vs. HOU.


Who should I start and why. Also just for extra context, in case you're leaning towards Diggs, I'm probably starting Josh Allen at QB. I know Diggs has a tough matchup against Jalen Ramsey, but if I'm going in on Allen, I might as well go all in. I could start Cam Newton at QB instead though




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I like the Wentz/Drake side. I think Cam will come back down to earth a little bit moving forward, and Wentz should improve as he gets more of his weapons healthy. It's not worth giving up Drake in my opinion...he's by far the most valuable player in this deal and I'm not a huge fan of Gallup given all the other mouths to feed in that offense. I'd weather the storm with Wentz for now and stream a QB every once in a while if you need to. Drake should have a couple big games coming up these next couple weeks as his schedule lightens up.

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I like the Wentz / Drake side. I like Cam a bit more than Wentz, but not by much (and I do feel like Wentz is going to break out this week). On the other side, I much prefer Drake over Gallup. I think Wentz and Drake will both have big games this week and then you could shop them for a comparable QB and a better WR.


Thanks for answering my question!

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