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Offered Jacobs for my Fournette

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I like Jacobs, so would be happy to take him, but definitely make sure about the no practice time so far this week. I do feel that Fournette takes over at TB, especially with his performance last week. He keeps it going & his TD's will go up, as it will allows the pass game to open, since they can't just sit back & cover Evans/Godwin. 


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Jacobs is way better than Fournette from a talent perspective at this point and you can't take the risk that Fournette remains in a time share. This isn't close if Jacobs is playing this week or not. Jacobs is a top 10 fantasy asset. Can believe this is a question to be honest or that anyone is suggesting otherwise lol. That's just me.

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3 hours ago, Cleanface said:

Just got offered JJacobs for my Fournette.  I’ve been high on Fournette but I am a little stunned by this. 

Is there something I’m missing?  Smash accept...right??

Come on man...this is obvious. That guy is an idiot.


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5 hours ago, AAWWyeah said:

Please tell us all you accepted.  The fact that there was ANY hesitation is problematic.  He'll miss maybe one game, but it doesn't even seem he'll miss any for now.

I just thought he broke his leg or something, and I was unaware. 

YES I smashed ASAP.  

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3 hours ago, Rush2112 said:

You already own Jacobs in you're team, so you're trading him for Fournette. DEAR GOD NO 

I already changed my sig 😆😆

Jacobs = mine. 

guy that offfered him posted this in our group text;

”No I'm an idiot. I just threw my season down the drain 🤣🤣🤣

i ended up trying to console him and lauded Fournettes potential and ups side. 

idk what he was thinking but don’t care > DONE 

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