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WHIR: Ingram, Godwin, and Kelce for Davante Adams, AJ Green, and Kittle (Full PPR)


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I was just offered the following trade in a 10-team Full PPR league. I'm currently 0-2. If I were to do this trade, I'd cut Harry and pick up Logan Thomas for a one-week filler for Kittle this week.


I give: Ingram, Godwin, Kelce

I receive: AJ Green, Davante Adams, George Kittle


My roster:

QB: Matt Stafford

RB: Melvin Gordon

RB: Jerrick McKinnon

WR: Chris Godwin

WR: Robert Woods

TE: Travis Kelce

Flex: Josh Kelley

D/ST: Bucs

K: Gonzalez

Bench: Drew Brees, Antonio Gibson, Mark Ingram, Nyheim Hines, Will Fuller, Deebo Samuel, DeSean Jackson, N'Keal Harry

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I hate this trade. I see that you think Kittle can replace kelce but he can’t. I had Kittle last year same knee he injured. Coming in and out of the line up hobbling. This is going to be a season long issue. Something is up with that knee. Even a healthy Kittle isn’t kelce. They use him a lot to block and they run 40 times a game. Adams is injured just way too much risk. Not to mention one game loss can be the difference between you making and you missing the playoffs.  Not enough upside here for me and a lot of downside potential. It would also leave you pretty short at RBs on top of that.

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No way. Easy pass here. You’re taking on a ton of injured players in what is essentially a lateral move trade. Plus your 0-2 and can’t afford the risk. I’d see if he would give up Ingram for AJG straight up though. Green’s target share is amazing and it’s only a matter of time before it pays off. 

help with mine?


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