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Should I drop Jimmy G?

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It's a 12 team, 2 keeper, non-PPR league.

I only have Garoppolo. Should I drop him for one of these QB's: Trub, Wentz, Brady, Rivers, Jones, Mullens, or Baker? Or should I drop Justin Jefferson for one of those QB's?


My WR's are:

  1. Hopkins
  2. JuJu
  3. Edelman
  4. Parker
  5. A.J. Green
  6. Justin Jefferson
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I would. The 49ers are injured all around and are going to take a step back this year in a brutal division and suffering the Superbowl hangover. Jimmy GQ pretty much only has Kittle and he's hurt. I know Jordan Reed has been playing well too, but I'm not holding my breath on him lasting a full season.


I like Trubisky more in a prove it year. He's a rollercoaster, but he'll have his moments and I like Brady more as well. Brady is in a Bruce Arians offense with a lot of talent, he's going to start putting up some decent showings soon enough.


I even see Baker turning things around in Cleveland. Stefanski is a really good coach. The Browns are going to start establishing their run game every week and when they do that the passing game is going to open up. His trajection is like Tannehill's on the Titans. There's just too much talent on that Browns team for Baker to suck all year.


Those are three I definitely like better long term. If I were you, I'd drop Jimmy G and Justin Jefferson and pick up 2 QBs to play the matchups.

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