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Two Deals (WHIR)


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0.5PPR, team 1 in sig, 3 player keeper:

I have buy in from two different managers for two different deals that shake up my roster.

deal 1:

Give: Michael Thomas and Corey Davis

Get: DJ Moore and George Kittle

deal 2:

Give: Devante Adams and Devanta Freeman

Get: Calvin Ridley and Devin Singletary 

I’m 2-0 so I can likely wait out the Thomas and Adams injuries. But these deals could help me continue to win now by plugging Moore/Ridley in this week over Davis/Jeudy, I’d have kittle when he comes back over Gesicki/Cook, and Id be securing a couple young stud WRs. I’d be losing on current perceived keeper value for sure. Worth it or should I just ride out the injuries?

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I wouldn’t do 1, but I’d probably do 2. Thomas gets force fed targets and Brees is clearly missing him. I’m not sold on Rodgers slinging it like this all season, and Ridley is a stud and potential top 5 WR in that offense this season. Singletary is a huge upgrade over Freeman. 

Help on mine?


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