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Freddie Swain 2020 Outlook

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On The Pete Carroll Show with 710 ESPN Seattle’s Danny and Gallant on Monday morning (listen here), the Seahawks head coach said he and his staff couldn’t be happier with the rookie from Florida.

“He’s going to keep playing. He’s doing everything well. He’s really a good player in our system,” Carroll said.

That was evident on Swain’s touchdown catch, which had just as much to do with what he did after he caught the pass as before it. In fact, Swain looked so much on the play like Lockett, maybe the prototypical receiver for Seattle’s system, that just about everybody who watches the Seahawks closely thought it was the veteran No. 1 receiver who had scored the touchdown at first – including Steve Raible, the longtime voice of the Seahawks.





This is a bit of a deeper dive but if you check out his highlights he has is very Tyler Lockett"esq and very Golden Tate'esq, he was coached by Dan Mullen at Florida that has always been a good offensive coach. I'd see Swain play plenty of games at Florida and he was always coming up big on a 3rd down play or a critical time in the game. More of a guy to keep an eye on but if lockett ever got dinged then Swain would be an easy scoop in that seattle offense 

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17 minutes ago, IdontknowwhatNFLis12 said:

Swain or Cager? I've only got room for 1 in a 20 team league!


Swain, cager plays for Adam Gase.


I literally have no insight other than that.


Swain has been active both weeks and returns kicks and punts though if that matters.

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1 hour ago, Kramjam24 said:

Do the Seahawks think higher of him then david moore?


Not necessarily.


I think it is just that David moore is a known quantity, I think his potential is limited. Freddie Swain is the bright and shiny new toy and has untapped potential. When watching his highlights he very much resembles Tyler Lockett a d those are the kind of receivers that fit well in Seattle's offense. It would probably take an injury to Metcalf or Lockett for him to get significant volume but there is potential there.

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