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What TE would you drop? WHIR 100%

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Also, this is a keeper league which we keep 2 players from the year before. Max of 3 years

My Team.

QB L.Jackson Brady 

RB Akers Gibson Dobbins Kelley M.Davis 

*Had Barkley. Dropped 

WR A.Thielen DJ Chark(IR) M.Brown A.Miller C.Davis J.Crowder (IR) KJ Hamler 

TE L.Thomas D.Schultz D.Sample

*Drafted Gronk and Hooper. Dropped 

DST K  Colts Meyers


I don't usually carry 3 TEs but because I drafted poor TEs I grabbed all 3 of these guys. Not sure if I should hang onto these 3 this week and make a move next week or try to beat the ww? I like Damien Harris but he won't be available to me until next week. 


What are your thoughts?



So there is not much on the WW. 





D. Harris- waiver claim 

M.Brieda- waiver claim



Leave a link.

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51 minutes ago, BaBaBooey said:

 Nobody great on the wire there, I’d probably just see which two look the best then drop the worst next week


48 minutes ago, 904kc said:

I agree with BaBaBooey


17 minutes ago, Baur10 said:

No great options and given your situation is rather stick with the TEs and see what happens


21 minutes ago, gsiegel said:

Yeah- given the question marks it might pay to see which are getting consistent targets before dropping for ww flyers.


Forgot, Lindsay comes off waivers tomorrow. 

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