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Any trade for Kamara that makes sense ? WHIR

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For 10 team .5 PPR, my team is pretty deep and I was debating making an offer for Kamara. I was curious what offers you would make to this owner, our teams are below. I thought about starting with Henry and working adding from there.

FYI the best FAs available for me are,

WR- Crowder, Deebo, Tre'Quan Smith, Corey Davis, Valdes- Scantling, Shenault, Pittman, Fitzgerald, Beasly.

RB- Hines, Gore, Perine, Moss, Jamaal Williams,  Latavius, Kerryon, Edmonds, James White


What offer would you send this owner for Kamara ? 

Would you keep who I have and stay put ?


My team

QB Mahomes WR1 Golladay WR2 Diontae RB1 Henry RB2 Robinson TE Fant W/R/T Lockett

BN WR- Tyler Boyd, Harry, IR Chark

BN RB- Joshua Kelley, Lindasy, IR Mostert

BN TE- Cook


His team

QB Allen WR1 Tyreek WR2 Evans RB1 Kamara RB2 Darrell Henderson TE Gesicki W/R/T Ridley

BN WR- McLaurin, AJ Green

BN RB- Peterson IR Bell

BN TE Hooper

BN QB Mayfield

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Anyone else ?

My starting offer was going to include Henry, not sure who else to add in a package. Figured the owner looks like he could use another WR, maybe he'd be interested in Jared Cook with the TEs he has. 

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Hill, Evans, Ridley, McLaurin and AJ. Guy does not need WR help. If I were him I’d be shopping Ridley or Evans for a top RB. I don’t see why this owner would trade Kamara. Arguably the top player to have in fantasy now with injuries. I wouldn’t give up value for TE If I were him either, Geisicki and Hooper should work out.


Also, not sure your team is deep enough right now to be doing a 2-1 trade. Gotta wait on Golly, Chark and Mostert to heal up and Kelley takes over early downs. I’d sit tight, TD’s are incoming for Henry and the guy is a volume beast.


help on mine?


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