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2021 Starting Pitching Implications due to Short Season

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Not sure what to title this thread, but wanted to get discussion going around how we should expect starting pitchers to be handled in 2021. Assuming that we have a full season or close to it, how will starting pitchers season long workloads be managed given that most starters only totaled somewhere between 60-80 innings this year? Do most pitchers go back to throwing 180? Do they still throw 30 starts but get held to 80 pitches? Curious what everyone thinks we should expect.



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The one group I wonder about is younger guys still building up.   I'd guess that a Julio Urias for example will lose innings next year because he couldn't ramp up his workload as much this year.  There's likely 6-8 guys in that category.

I think vets who have thrown 160+ innings before will be back up at that level next year.

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I don't think it will change anything really.  The idea is to keep pitch count low and arm strain minimized.  Plus the non-established aces usually only get to face the lineup twice.  That means a lot of 5-6 inning starts.  I think it's all about handling your pitcher per game and not overall season length.

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