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Trade offered - which side wins, and how can it be better? (WHIR, of course)


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12-team PPR league (forgot this in initial post - edited).


Team A: QB - Wilson; WR - Chark, Fuller, Hilton, Green, T. Smith, Alshon; RB - Zeke, Carson, Gaskin, Hyde, Penny (IR); TE - Kittle, Dissly, Reed (IR)

Team B: QB - Goff; WR - Ridley, Allen, Diggs, AB (optimistic?); RB - D. Henry, Jacobs, David Johnson, J. Kelley; TE - Hockenson, Engram


Trade Offered:

Team A gives: Zeke

Team B gives: D. Henry/Diggs


Who wins?  If you don't think that's a good deal, what would make it better?


Thank you, and of course, WHIR!

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26 minutes ago, collucho said:

Guess they value Zeke a lot higher than Henry.


Manager is a huge Dallas fan, so it's more of a homer trade.  I would like have the additional high-end WR, but losing Zeke's consistency would be tough.  But Dak does have a ton of weapons in Dallas, whereas there isn't a whole lot in Buffalo...

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The issue with Henry (from what I've noticed over the past few seasons) is that he starts slow. Also he doesn't catch many passes so his upside in PPR is capped. But he starts to go off in the second half of the season. I think it has to do with the defense getting tired and less fresh as the seasons go along. So if you think you can wait out for a few more weeks tills he goes over 100+ rushing plus multiple TDs, I would take it

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