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Big Trade - Need Opinions Michael Thomas and Kittle for ****

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.5 PPR 

0-3 Team needs RB Help bad as has a good core of WRs. 


I give: D. Montgomery, Junno Smith, James Robinson 

I get: Kittle and Michael Thomas 


My team as constructed:

QB: Wentz /  Herbert 

WR: Cooper / Gage/ DeeBo (I need help)

RB's: A Jones, M Davis, M. Sanders, D. Montgomery, J Mckinnon, J Robinson

TE: Waller / Junno 


Is this a fair trade? If he counters with A Jones instead of Robinson should I then Counter with Sanders instead of Robinson? Thoughts? 

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Lets say I have to replace Robinson with Miles. Do you still take that trade? I would be adding a WR1 which I desperately need and a high end TE. Both are coming off injuries which is helping me get them at what I feel is a reduced cost. 

What is too much for me to spend? Is Miles, Robinson and Junno too much? I have a feeling that is what he might as for.  

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Just now, V3X said:

Offer Waller instead. How often would you start him over Kittle? Waller and one RB or it’s no deal. High ankle sprains do linger. You’re trading RBs who own their backfield. Those are very valuable 

Yeah I agree with what you are saying... I want to keep Waller and flip him or Kittle for a QB and then just roll the dice that the one I keep doesn't get injured. 

I have to give up one more player then I take back because of Deebo coming off IR. But I like your thought.... 

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I mean, if you look at it. Allen is balling out this year and is making sure Diggs is in play and Brown now has a leg injury which would give an uptick to Diggs and Kittle is 1A to 1B in TE's with Kelce. 


You giving away JROB who surprising very good someone that will win someone a league it seems, Montgomery who is still hit or miss but should be better with Cohen now done for the year and Jonnu is doing really good so far but thats without Brown in the lineup. Once Brown comes back then Jonnu will loose targets. 

your RB's would thin out but not really with davis being there for a few more good weeks and McKinnon potentially be back this week. 


I mean, i probably wouldnt say no to the deal

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