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Trade Wilson / OBJ for Lamar / Julio? WHIR

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12 team .5   3-0

Give: Wilson / OBJ

Get: Lamar / Julio

After trade team would be:

QB: L. Jackson

RB: D. Henry

RB: D. Johnson
WR: D. Adams

WR: J. Jones

TE:  M. Andrews

FLEX: K Allen

BN: D. Singletary,J. Edelman, J White, M. Gisecki, A. Jeffrey , D Henderson

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As a wilson owner myself it'd be incredibly hard for me to give him up. BUT, obj is straight overrated cheeks to me and julio is out of this world. sure lamar had a bad week vs. the chiefs but you know games like that are rare. I'd take this. 

return the favor?


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Lamar and Julio all day. Trade couldn't be easier. Russ is absolutely unbelievable but there is no way he's throwing 75 TD passes this season. Lamar will get better. Julio is a top 5 WR. Beckham is now outside the top 20. Easy sell high buy low. You replace a top 5 QB with another top 5 QB while massively upgrading another position.

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If this was my team I'd probably cry too much to give up Russ, but considering this is YOUR team and whatever you do doesn't matter to me, I think this is a prime example of how to sell high correctly. Russ is cookin' and Julio is limpin', but you're getting basically 2 2nd round picks for a 4th and 5th (ish) round picks on 3 games of sample size. As the season goes on and things settle/regress, the Lamar/Julio side is going to have considerably more points on the board than the Russ/OBJ side.

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