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TRADE WHIR: Tyler Boyd + Zach Ertz for Mostert and Marvin Jones

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what's up, so a team offered me HIS Raheem Mostert + Marvin Jones for MY Tyler Boyd + Zach Ertz

I know I'd be losing a lot in this just to get Mostert. BUT the thing is, I swooped Boyd off waivers after an impatient owner dropped him after week 1. So I'm essentially viewing this as Mostert for Zach Ertz straight up because I would never start Marvin Jones either way because the options I already have are significantly better (MT, Tyreek, Thielen). 

OR, should I counter with Thielen + Ertz for Raheem Mostert + Marvin Jones? Kirk Cousins throwing scares me ROS. 

My team:

QB: Russell Wilson

WR: Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Adam Thielen, Tyler Boyd

RB: Todd Gurley, Myles Gaskin, Joshua Kelley, JK Dobbins, Brian Hill, Damien Harris

TE: Jonnu Smith, Zach Ertz 

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Oh yeah...you need the RB help here. Marvin Jones plugs right into Boyd's spot at WR4 although you take a hit there. Jonnu plugs into Ertz's spot. I would try to see if I could pay a little less here considering Mostert is injured. You gotta get RBs though. Don't do Thielen. He's still over Boyd for sure.

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Thielen >>>>>>> Boyd this year. Dude is going to get spoon fed the rock all season. I love Boyd but Thielen's ceiling is way higher.


I agree that I'd aim higher with how much value Ertz has given process of elimination, but in the vacuum I'd do this trade because once healthy Mostert is the best difference maker, and your RB corps is god awful (nice zero RB team though, no doubt).

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14 hours ago, Richc00 said:

I think you can do better then an injured upside back, Ertz without Goedert will be valuable and Boyd is getting volume out of the slot.  Aim a little higher.


You can get more for Ertz + Boyd.  
Ertz is clear to be Ertz now, and Boyd is slot love for Burrows how throws 60 times a game. 2 20+ weeks 


I’d go for a true RB1 for that pair. Not an injured RBBC leader 

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Might sound crazy because a lot of FFL players have soured on him...but David Johnson is getting crazy run (100% snap count week 2 and 93% week 3) but has not yet produced due to tough schedule (KC, BAL, PIT).  DJ owner might be frustrated.  His upcoming schedule is easier. Definite injury risk but so is Mostert.  

I'd see if you could get him for Boyd straight up or +/- another player.

Otherwise what RBs does the Ekeler owner have? See what they'll offer you for Kelley as a handcuff.

Thanks for mine.

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