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Add Lazard or Crowder? WHIR


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Im using my priority #3 on getting WR depth, best options at RB are Gaskins and Hyde so unless I pickup Gaskins theres not many options. 

Thoughts? thanks!

Standard 10 team league

QB: Lamar, Josh Allen
RB: Miles Sanders, James Robinson, Deandre Swift, Dobbins, Z Moss
WR: Mclaurin, Devante Parker, AJ Brown, Tyler Boyd
TE: Kittle, Jonnu Smith
K: Gonzalez
DST: Bucs (streaming)

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4 minutes ago, dayvidhong said:

wow your team is stacked. get lazard. even with davante adams back, he's viable imo.

Why not send lamar or josh allen to a need that needs a qb? I'm sure you can get a RB1 or WR1 out of one of them. 

return the favor? 


I just lost Saquon so Id love to agree, Yes! my plan is trading anyone of those 2 QBs and get the better RB possible

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