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Alex Kiriloff 2020 Outlook

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Wow! This is amazing that the Twins have chosen to call up their #2 prospect to make his MLB debut in an elimination game. Desperate times call for drastic measures and with Buxton out, the Twins have nothing to lose by rolling this guy out there.

So, for fantasy owners, even though this has no impact on the 2020 season, but how much does this change his draft stock for next year? He basically is guaranteed to be a very popular mid to late round pick because of this move in my eyes. Even if he strikes out 4 times tonight, people will be all over his bandwagon, and imagine if he actually has an impact with the bat. Let's set aside the possibility the Twins come back, make an extended postseason run, and Kiriloff becomes a star in his own right, and just analyze where he will land in next year's drafts.

Specifically I'm interested to know what other post-hype prospects will be better/worse values in the eyes of fantasy players next year. Top guys like Jo Adell and Dylan Carlson were so bad in this shortened season that it's hard to believe managers will be eager to roster them next season, although these are exactly the types of players who will benefit from a full season and spring training camp. In addition, Kiriloff is still looking at a possible (likely) stint in the minors to begin next season so the Twins can hold down his free agency another year, meaning his value will take a hit if he misses the first month. Still, I think he is a legit bat, and while many of these questions have to be answered in due time, I'm slightly bummed that he won't be as readily available in the late rounds next year now as a result of this promotion. What are some reasonable projection lines for him next season?

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He will start in AAA. He was pretty meh in AA last year, and I have a hard time seeing him breaking camp with the club. And I highly doubt he’ll be a mid-round draftee. 

And Carlson ended the season nicely after being recalled. I can’t imagine he won’t be drafted higher than Kirilloff. 

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