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10-1-20 Broncos @ Jets TNF

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This has been a really wierd, strange, ugly- but damn fun game.


The NYJ just lost to a team with a new QB that never started a game and was 0-3.      ....Fire the damn coach.

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2 minutes ago, yossarian said:

They just showed Frank Gore and he had a "I wonder who I'm going to get 2-yards-per-rush for next season because it's not going to be these ******** Jets" look on his face. 

Post of the night right here

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2 minutes ago, rizon said:


he had 14.5 points as a RB2. How is that horrible? Dude had no blocking at all 


67 yards on 21 touches isnt good. He's a TD dependent RB (on a bad team) that doesnt get the receiving work he did for the Chargers. I would be looking to sell after this week, especially after that long TD.

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3 minutes ago, Nappyroots said:

So y'all think this 0-4 losing at home to the 2nd worst team in the league is enough to rid us of Gase? Bell gets off IR soon

add in the 3 picks and the pick6 and you still lose by two scores @home vs ripken

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