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Hi I am currently in a 10 team PPR league and sitting at 2-1 pending the outcome of the games tonight I may be 2-2.  Over the weekend I  just traded Tyler Boyd and Darrell Henderson for Robert Woods.  Unfortunately this weekend I lost Austin Ekeler and now find myself thin at the RB Spot.  Should I look to make a trade again now to get a Running Back or do you think I have enough if I work the wire to stay put?  My roster is as follows and we start 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1TE and 1 Flex.  Do I look at maybe trading Prescott or Helaire to try and get some depth.  I hate to do that but not sure trading a receiver straight up for a RB makes a ton of sense either.  Any help would be appreciated. 


QB- Dak Prescott and Tom Brady

WR- DJ Moore, Tee Higgins, Diontae Johnson, AJ Brown, Robert Woods

RB- Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Austin Ekeler, JK Dobbins, Nyheim Hines

TE- Mark Andrews and Mike Gesicki

K- Robbie Gould

DEF- Indianapolis

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I do think you need to make some moves, but i respectfully disagree on trading Andrews. And I would not trade Dak either if you can avoid it. See if you can leverage Brady's blow up game and package him with a WR (Diontae or Brown, both returning next week) for a solid RB2.

you may want to wait to see the extent of Ekeler's injury to know how long you need to cover. the wire could also be good, hard to say without knowing what's available in your league/your priority. Justin Jackson is a great add for you. You should try to grab him no matter what (or Kelley if he is avail). 


Thanks in advance for your help with mine!


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