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Thoughts on This Team?

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Okay so I drafted Kenyan Drake as my RB2 and he's looking like a**, and I also drafted DJ Moore as my WR1 and he is also looking like complete a**, so I really could use some help and want peoples opinion on whether they would trade Kamara and what I should look to try and get. It's a 12 team FULL PPR league. I'm currently 2-1 but may fall to 2-2.

QB: Aaron Rodgers
RB1: Kamara
RB2: Kenyan Drake
WR1: DJ Moore
WR2: DJ Chark
WR3: Deebo Samuel
Flex: David Montgomery
TE: Darren Waller

RB: Damien Harris
RB: Brian Hill
QB: Drew Brees
WR: Gabriel Davis
WR: Scott Miller

So my thought process is 1 of 2 things: Try and package DJ Moore and Waller for a better WR but a worse TE, or just try and trade Kamara and try and get maybe a lower tier RB and another either decent WR or decent RB. Thoughts? Should I try and pull something big like that off? Should I just try and leave my team alone? 

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Hi my thoughts are this.  Drake concerns me greatly but I have to think Moore will turn it around as he is too talented not to.  Just my opinion but I think better days are coming for Moore.  I think swinging a deal with a TE in there would make sense but i would not get rid of Kamara. He is PPR Gold.

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That is a tough call, but I agree with BAlldering, Moore will get better and Kamara is gold. You would need to get dynamite return for him to make it worth it, something like Chris Carson + JuJu or Diontae Johnson. But I think you are better off not trading Kamara. i think your best bet may be to try and flip Drake. He is a bit of a bye low candidate, but you could probably get a very solid WR2 for him from someone willing to bet on Drake's upside (he was supposed to be an RB1). Move Monty into your RB2 slot, your new guy into a WR slot, and play Deebo or Miller at flex based on matchup... or Harris if he turns out legit (i have him too). 


thanks for helping with mine already, and good luck!

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