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Give Zeke for Diggs, D. Henry, and Kelley? (WHIR)


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12-team PPR league.  My current RB are Zeke, Carson, Gaskin, Hyde (to cuff Carson), Penny (IR).  My WR are Chark, Fuller, TY, AJ, T. Smith, Hardman, and Alshon (IR).  To round out, QB = Russ Wilson and TE = Kittle and Olson.


Do I give Zeke to get D. Henry (and his cleats), Josh Kelley, and Stefon Diggs? 


On the one hand, I love Zeke's consistency, and Dallas's schedule is nice the entire season.  Henry has some tough matchups, especially in the playoffs (if the NFL lasts that long).  On the other, I could use another solid WR, and having the RB depth not tied to Seattle would be nice.


Thanks, and of course, WHIR.

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Definitely do this! Henry is center piece of that O and bye is gone.

The cowboys are in big shootouts, they been giving up points so quickly/easily they cant establish the run. Sure he may get some extra targets but I think the way the boys are playing might hurt his upside/ceiling.

Then you get diggs, who has been amazing l, AND Kelley who will now lead that backfield. Woah




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