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WHIR: I was offered two trades (Full PPR)

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I appreciated all of your advice. I agree that downgrading from Ridley to Woods it too much of a hit.

I ended up doing Trade #2 after all of your advice. I like Jacobs more than Carson ROS, and it's time to sell high on Carson before Hyde and Penny come back. He's an injury prone player, and I think Jacobs is an excellent buy low because his output will climb once he gets his two best offensive linemen back after the Raiders bye in Week 6. I like Moore over Diontae, but I think Bridgewater's passing numbers eventually regresses and that's bad for Moore. I don't see that happening with Big Ben.

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I feel like they are more lateral moves than clear cut upgrades, I'd probably pass. If I had to pick one deal I'd go with 2. It's possible Carson slows down, but also possible he keeps it up all season, especially if Wilson slows down a bit or they want to take some mileage off his arm and push the running game more some weeks. 

I imagine Jacob's will get it going more than he has rest of season, but still not sure I see a big enough upgrade to make either deal. 

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thank you for helping with mine. Trade A is trash so def no. Trade B is close, I mean I was super high on Moore before season but he's been terrible, and Jacobs is a stud, so it all depends on whether you think Moore returns WR1 numbers.

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