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10/8/20 TNF: Tampa Bay Bucs @ Chicago Bears Gameday Thread

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1 minute ago, pdog109 said:

Not a blow out but Scotty still won't get anything.

Watch him not even get a single target tonight. Pathetic. This is my fault for dropping Jefferson week 2 and having to rely on a POS white WR, but Golloday on bye so/



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1 minute ago, Theoneupper said:

Jones is getting some good work. Don’t know why everyone says he’s bad. Dude looks legit.

I think he looks good too. I'm an owner but unbiased. If my guys suck they suck, my feelings won't be hurt. But RoJo has objectively been good all night.

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How do the Bears lead?  This was looking so lopsided early that TB went for a 4th down at its own 19.

I saw the Vaughn play on replay.  That was just a massive hit and I'm pretty sure anyone would've fumbled.  Arians hates rookies so he may bench him still, of course. 

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3 minutes ago, NBatum88 said:

Over/under on 1 target for Scotty in the 2nd half? 


Over/under on how many mugs I smash when Scotty puts up a doughnut tonight?

edit: I should smash beer bottles instead, coffee mug lives matter.

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