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10/8/20 TNF: Tampa Bay Bucs @ Chicago Bears Gameday Thread

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3 minutes ago, bhawks489 said:

That line really cant run block but montgomery seems slow AF


I think its hard to assess running back speed when said running back is regularly touched in the back field. 

Ronald Jones, who just had a terrific game, was anointed king "plodder" by many on these forums the last two years. Jones looks much faster behind an improved O-line.  Montgomery doesn't have homerun speed, but I think he's fairly quick.  The O-line is garbage though.  

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2 minutes ago, BrianM said:

I'm drunk and haven't been here in a few days, but after seeing Montgomery's 7 catches for 30 yards, all i could think of was "Bah gawd, that's Tarik Cohen's music!"


Good night everybody


I actually drafted Tarik Cohen in two leagues this year.

I was sad to see he tore his ACL for a year, I like him as a player and as a person.

But then i thought.... i'm free of the clutches of Nagy.

I spent a year as a Montgomery owner so i know the pain.

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7 minutes ago, TTo34 said:

Yeah I don't know about any of the new stuff, don't care about that.  But I still rock out to Journey and Van Halen as well, so maybe I'm just stuck in the 80s.

Nothing wrong with that. I listen to all kinds of stuff but Spotify recently let me know that the album I've listened to the most over the last year was...Jar of Flies by Alice in Chains. I didn't realize I listened to that album that often nor did I realize I was that depressed. hah.

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Just now, Dalton Gang said:

Anybody want to bet if Miller finally gets a catch?


I'd rather land rear end first into a pile of cactus than see Miller with a 2 point stat line. I'd rather take the doughnut, at least there would be some dignity in it.

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1 minute ago, Iron-cock said:

Whatever you want to say about cokehead Gase, I'd take his playcalling over Nagy any day.  Nagy has to be the worst playcaller I've seen in decades.

Nagy is bad but no way. The only the Gase is good at is being the absolute worst. I wouldn't let him coach my Madden team.

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