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10/8/20 TNF: Tampa Bay Bucs @ Chicago Bears Gameday Thread

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46 minutes ago, Iron-cock said:


Some of the best fantasy decisions are the ones you make on an incorrect premise that end up working out anyway.  We need a name for that.


30 minutes ago, hard1 said:

Yeah there definitely should be a word for when good things happen to people almost out of nowhere and without rhyme or reason... 


29 minutes ago, Hops said:



24 minutes ago, Iron-cock said:



Yeah, but you have to add in the attempt at getting something good to happen using incorrect or faulty logic.




From now on, it's called a Nagy.

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3 minutes ago, pdog109 said:


I actually drafted Tarik Cohen in two leagues this year.

I was sad to see he tore his ACL for a year, I like him as a player and as a person.

But then i thought.... i'm free of the clutches of Nagy.

I spent a year as a Montgomery owner so i know the pain.


i recall spending like 20 on him last year in auction, and an 8 catch for 42 yard performance actually making me happy one week.   

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