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10/8/20 TNF: Tampa Bay Bucs @ Chicago Bears Gameday Thread

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2 minutes ago, Heizz said:

Playing RoJo and against Evans... that rule was a HUGE shift.


Happened to me last year - my Engram vs his Saquan.  EE had like a 60 yard catch they ruled down at the goal line, but he got in.  If they'd challenged, would've got it.  But it was first and goal inside the 1 so they just gave it to Saquan for the easy TD.

12.2 point swing.

I think I ended up winning that game though, so all is not lost!

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3 minutes ago, TeeGee60 said:

i don't understand the patterson love.  he's not really that fast, he's a big body guy that isn't really elusive and heruns super tall 


I don't get the Patterson love either.  I disagree with the not fast part.  4.42 is plenty fast for a big body guy.

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