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Established Dynasty League Looking for 2 Owners - Fantrax / Points / $50 Entry-Fee

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League going on third year, very fun & active group of guys to play with. We talk & joke A LOT so please be prepared for that (some guys join and get annoyed, so if that's not your cup of tea please don't join). We use GroupMe for chat, and you must join GroupMe.

Key notes about league:

-League has a $50 entry fee + Fantrax premium fee. Payouts are $330/$150/$60/$60

-It is a Head-to-Head points league (please see league constitution & Fantrax link for exact scoring)

-League is very competitive from top-to-bottom, and we strive to keep it that way

Here is league constitution:

Go HARD or Go HOME Constitution

Here are the two teams available:

Team 1 (Key guys: guys like Juan Soto, Xander, Jose Abreu, Luis Robert, Gerrit Cole)

Team 2 (Key guys: Freddie Freeman, Jose Ramirez, DeGrom, Woodruff) Note: based on our league scoring, Freeman & Ramirez were the two highest scorers in our league this season)

Shoot me a private message if you have any interest or e-mail me at Bmpo7@hotmail.com



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