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Trade Chubb/Lamb for DK Metcalf/Bell in a keeper?

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Yes this sounds like a lot to give up for DK, but I can only keep 3 players. He wanted Golladay instead of Lamb, but I said no.


My options are D.Cook, J.Taylor, Chubb, Lamb, L.Jackson, K.Golladay, J.Jefferson, H.Ruggs III

My keepers this year were: Cook, Chubb and Lamar(Yes, I know)

My Keepers next year could be:

Cook, Chubb, Taylor

Cook, Taylor, Golladay

Cook, Chubb, Lamb

Cook, Taylor, Lamb


Lot's of combinations. Putting DK in there would be nice with Cook and Taylor.

Any thoughts? What combination do you like best? Which 3 with and without DK?


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Uhh I love DK but not sure I make this move. We know nothing about Bells potential any where else and he is only going to get older, and even on the Jets he hasnt looked like the Bell of old. I love lamb moving forward and if Cooper gets hurt he is the immediate number 1 option and looks great so I would try and keep him. Taylor is risky, good talent on a bad team, and dont think Id take the risk. Hope that helps a little


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Yeah I'd go ahead and do that. I'm assuming you aren't worried about production from Chubb later on this season here. CeeDee Lamb is almost as good of a WR keeper asset as you can have but DK may now be the best. Keeping Cook, DK and Taylor would be the move. The only thing I wonder is if these guys are 1/2 at WR a few years from now. Oh well you'll have one of them lol. CeeDee has always reminded me of DHop and DK's starting to give off some serious Calvin vibes. You really can't go wrong with these two man.

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1 hour ago, Rush2112 said:

Keep Chubb. Counter offer and just move Lam for Bell. 

Who in their right mind is going to trade Lamb for Bell in a keeper?!?!?! And I'm looking to get DK, not just an older RB currently without a job..

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Anyone else? This deal is still sitting out there. Basically it comes down to this for next seasons keepers at the moment.


Cook, Taylor, Lamb


Cook, Taylor, Metcalf


That's pretty even, so maybe just not worth giving up Chubb when he gets back for my playoff run. However, I will probably lose him for nothing after the season.

I just think Hunt being in CLE for another season after this one continues to diminish his value. I would have a very hard time dropping Taylor.

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