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Cook/L Jackson for Conner/Rodgers/Jonnu? (WHIR)

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In a PPR with a RB/WR/TE Flex would you do this trade?

I give: Dalvin Cook, Alexander Mattison, and Lamar Jackson

I get: James Conner, Aaron Rodgers, and Jonnu Smith.

I am 1-4 and looking for a win.  Also all of the guys I would be getting are past their bye weeks while none of the guys Im giving have had them.  Also not feeling great with Higbee.......

My Roster:

QB: Jackson

RB: Cook, Ekeler, David Johnson, Gaskin, White, Mattision, Kelley

WR: Kupp, McLaurin, Boyd, Crower, Higgins

TE: Higbee

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I'd hold too. Jackson and Cook are really the two best players here. Rodgers has looked great in a bit of a resurgence and Smith would be a real upgrade (IMO) at TE, but I don't think it's worth it. Not a big Conner fan at all. I'd stick with the studs

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Tough one... I do like the trade with the exception of losing Dalvin Cook and gaining James Conner. Conner is always one play away from missing a couple games. I would not want to give up Cook as he is elite IMO and you obviously want to hold onto Mattison with the Cook situation right now. It seems like people are really eager to ditch Lamar at the moment, but I don't think his slump will continue. You're fairly deep at RB, so I would look to trade Gaskin and Kelley and possibly upgrade at TE - they both hold decent value in my league right now. 


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I agree, I would NOT do this. Cook could be back pretty quickly and he's been a top 5 RB. Plus you have his backup already so you are safe there. Rogers has been solid, but Lamar is still the better long term option there. Higbee isn't the best option, but I think you can get a better TE deal than this. 

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Unless you are very worried about cooks injury then I definitely wouldn't do this.  You have mattison so cook is insured and top 5 rbs are invaluable in fantasy. It almost never makes sense to give up an elite bellcow back esp if you are only upgrading at tight end (and not to kelce).  Thx for answering mine. 

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