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Kelce & D Samuel for D Adams & Waller. WHIR

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Team B in signature, but I also pasted it below. Waller has a bye this week, but I can still start Jonnu Smith. The other owner might do this because of Wallers bye and Adams injury. Kelce & Waller are pretty close so I don't think I lose too much there. Then Adams can anchor my WR core, with JuJu & K Allen being so average and Ridley struggling lately. I would ask for a QB upgrade, but he has nobody good. 



Team B: 10 team 1/2 PPR. We keep UP TO 3. My team: 

2QB: Wentz & Big Ben  3 WR: Ridley, Ju-Ju & K Allen     2 RB: J Jacobs, A Jones   Flex: Singletary  TE: Kelce   K: Lutz   Def: Indy

Bench: Carr, , D Samuel, D Freeman, J Kelley, Lindsay, Pats Def & Jonnu Smith    

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I would do this trade.  Waller isn't Kelce or Kittle but he's right there win them.  If Adams comes back healthy off the bye then that is a HUGE upgrade over Deebo.  Then maybe trade one of your other WR's a QB for a QB upgrade.  

Check out mine:


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