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Trade Da. Johnson and McLaurin for Carson


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Should I trade David Johnson and McLaurin for Carson? 


Current team

Watson, Big Ben

Zeke, David Johnson, Ekeler, Mostart, Pollard

M. Thomas, Lockett, Godwin, McLaurin, Hardman


Colts, Rams 



Standard scoring and 1 flex spot




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10 minutes ago, jgardner12 said:

Ya I would. I love scary terry but Carson has been a great back. Plus your league doesn't seem THAT deep(or good managing lol)so you should be able to scoop a good secondary player.



I'd go Harris. 


And my team was made from good managing. 


Watson, Zeke, Kelce, DJ, Lockett are the only players I actually drafted from this squad. Made alot of trades and ww pick ups

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Not sure if it's a big enough upgrade. Imo you'd be trading a WR2 and a RB2 for a Fringe RB1.

I think both those guys you'd be trading have a chance to get better. With Alex Smith working his way back, I think McLaurin's numbers should improve, and it finally looks like the Texans may be hitting their stride since the coaching change.

That said, if you're having a rough start (0-5, 1-4, 2-3) I'd say pull the trigger. Can't wait around for those guys forever if your team already has a losing record.

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